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Why We Should Speak Up, Stand Up and / or “Take A Knee” – An Essay

By Dr. Randall Dalton, MD Let me start off by identifying the “we” who I feel should take a stand, and be involved in activism as it relates to bringing more clarity and insight to conversations and discussions about “racial injustices”, racism / bigotry (“institutionalized” and otherwise), discrimination and other issues that continue to divide…

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The Dismantling of Hate Crime Legislation

  By: Sunny Spears People all over the United States have protested, written letters, and hosted town halls with their legislators in demand for the broad values of equality, justice and more specifically, to bring an end to the innocent being killed by police.  Unfortunately, Kentucky legislators responded to these protests with House Bill 14…

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HB 151: History Repeats Itself

By: Junis L. Baldon State legislators who sought to maintain segregated schools during Louisville’s busing crisis in the 1970s may finally get their wish.  Just forty-two years too late.  In 1975, after being reversed by a federal appeals court, federal judge James Gordon entered a decree desegregating Louisville public schools.  Almost immediately, the General Assembly…

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