Truth Institute

Perhaps Thomas Jefferson’s most inspiring words in the Declaration of Independence are, “We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal . . .” So, even though our country has not always been truthful about many things, it is clear that one of the foundations that this country was built upon was the conclusive recognition of the fact that the Truth exists, and at times it is even “self-evident.”


Yet, in this era of fake news and alternative facts, the Truth is under attack in our communities, in the media and at the highest levels of government. Therefore, the Truth Matters Institute, the research arm of The People’s Campaign, is committed to finding the truth through balanced and objective research in the areas of Healthcare, Education, Economic Justice and Safe Thriving Communities.


More specifically, Truth Matters compiles, verifies, analyzes, summarizes and disseminates its findings, which establishes foundational truths on which the caucuses of The People’s Campaign can frame in their work.