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  • Standard cut t-shirt (S, M, L, XL & 2X SIZES)
  • Available in Black/#VOTE4US & Grey/#11SIX18

NOTE: A $5.00 shipping and handling charge will be applied for for every two products in the delivery.


REFUND POLICY: Please return your item within 14 days of purchase for a full refund or an exchange. Item must be unworn and in the original package. Postage and handling will not be covered.


Take The #VOTE4US 2018 Challenge

Take a Stand and Show  that You Will Vote in the Best Interests of The People in 2018!


Here’s How:

Order Your Shirt for $25 – $35 (plus shipping).

Upon receipt, share a video or photo of you showing the front and back of your shirt on social media, email or text.

Include in your post/tweet/email/text your personal challenge to at least five friends to do the same.


The proceeds of the Vote4Us Challenge will be used for Get Out The Vote efforts in 2018. Shirts can be ordered below.

Issue Your Challenge:

Show the front and back of your shirt via video or photos.

“I took The People’s Campaign’s #VOTE4US 2018 Challenge and got my shirt for $25/30 because I am committed to voting in the best interest of the People in 2018! And I’m challenging (name at least five people) to do the same.”

#Vote4Us Tee

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