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The Truth Works (When We Use It)

The objective of this program is to communicate “pro-people” policy positions, based upon facts, on an ongoing basis, especially outside of election season. We accomplish this via digital advertising, canvassing and podcasting (“The WakeUp w/ Clark Williams will be returning soon).


The areas of emphasis for our messaging are working families, public education, healthcare and racial equity, inclusion and justice.


Truth Works (When We Use It) is a long term investment in consistent progressive messaging through canvassing, digital advertising and podcasting.


Radical right-wing messaging has been pervasive on the radio for decades and little attempt has been made to combat it outside of political campaign oriented messaging, during elections. Sadly, many are so entrenched in conservative partisan identities, that it is nearly impossible to effectively deliver fact-based progressive messaging during elections.  Ongoing messaging, in the absence of election tensions and intensity, will ultimately be impactful in moving voters in the direction of candidates that support more progressive policy positions.


This is the investment that we must make in order to change the narratives that voters hear, and ultimately the way they think, about issues and candidates.

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