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Operation Registration

For More Voters In Blue Places

Right now, the focus is on Kentucky – the home of Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul and State Attorney General Daniel Cameron (of Breonna Taylor case infamy).


VAN and VoteBuilder databases allow campaigns to identify the voters to reach through field canvassing and commercial messaging programs.  A comparable database does not exist for citizens who are not registered.


In collaboration with the Commonwealth Alliance for Voter Engagement, we have obtained the addresses of over 525,000 citizens in Kentucky who are not registered to vote.  But We Made an Investment and Took It A Step Further!


Precinct level election results are effective indicators of how potential registered voters in those precincts will vote, if they register and turnout.  We have sorted 525,000 citizens who are not registered by home precinct.  We have developed walk lists that include these potential registered voters who reside in precincts that constitute Democratic strongholds. We will execute targeted canvassing and digital campaigns designed to provide information and motivation to these potential voters.  This will translate to increased voter registrations in democratic stronghold precincts. 

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